Saturday, December 3, 2011

Handmade Crocheted Purses with Lucite Pulls and Handles. 1940s. Maker: Unknown. Two wonderful purses, handmade of very stiff and thick cord-style yarn. One is small with a rounded bottom and an intricate pattern. The other is the size of a large clutch, with a zigzag pattern that segues into a straighter pattern at the bottom. Both have heavy Lucite (or other early plastic) handles and zipper pulls. Both are lined in satiny fabric and the larger one has a thin cardboard interior (exposed due to wear) to help retain its shape.

I was able to find, for a very good price, an entire lot of these bags, most of them handmade, and four of them with these incredible Lucite accents. Because of their age, they do need a few stitches here and there (which I’ll relegate to someone much handier with a needle than I), but I just love their timeless elegance. The craftsmanship is fabulous and, if you’re inclined to make one for yourself or a friend, you can still find the patterns for these online.