Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Set of 1960s Collapsible Purse Cups

Set of Collapsible Cups. 1960s. Maker: Tuckaway Cups (white and orange; green one does not have a maker imprint). Collapsible (or telescoping) portable thin plastic cups. White and orange cups have raised metallic-painted designs on top, and glued-on tiny plastic embellishments. Green one has a marbleized coloring. All cups have built-in pill container. On the bottom of the white and orange is the Tuckaway Cups imprint, Made in U.S.A., a number, the word “PATENTED,” and some very small print I can’t read. (Note: I tried looking up the number, which I assumed to be the patent number, but could not find any info.)

Among my collection are purse accessories, and these are a new one for me. Except, not exactly new, because when I was a little girl in the late ‘60s/early ‘70s, my grandma gave me a collapsible cup. I remember that it wasn’t embellished or fancy in any way, but my grandma gave it to me, so that made it special. She also gave me a few folding plastic rain hats and squeezy change purses, so maybe those are next in line to be part of the collection!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jean Holbein Costume Purse by Delill

Jean Holbein Costume Purse. 1960s/70s. Maker: Delill. Lightly quilted fabric illustrated costume motif purse. Ladies on both sides in 1600s dress. At the bottom of the bag on each side it says “Costume Suifse du 16me Siecle d’apres le Defsein original du celebre Jean Holbein.” (Note: I may not have written those capital letters correctly, as the French to English translation came out very odd. What I mostly got was that it's "a costume from the 1600s after the famous Jean Holbein.") Rectangular shape. Gold stitching on ladies’ costumes and on the edge of the bag to accentuate the design. Lined in satiny fabric. One inner pocket. In addition to the Delill gold stamp on the inside, there is a tag that says “The Elaine Shop,” presumably where it was originally purchased. Goldtone frame and chain.

I am intrigued by costume purses and have a few of them—one of my collections-within-a-collection. Scroll down for some bonus pics.

I’m not clear on the artist’s history, but when I Google “Jean Holbein” the name “Hans Holbein” keeps popping up. Any art historians out there? If you know the background, please email me, info@vintagepursegallery.com. Thanks!