Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Set of 1960s Collapsible Purse Cups

Set of Collapsible Cups. 1960s. Maker: Tuckaway Cups (white and orange; green one does not have a maker imprint). Collapsible (or telescoping) portable thin plastic cups. White and orange cups have raised metallic-painted designs on top, and glued-on tiny plastic embellishments. Green one has a marbleized coloring. All cups have built-in pill container. On the bottom of the white and orange is the Tuckaway Cups imprint, Made in U.S.A., a number, the word “PATENTED,” and some very small print I can’t read. (Note: I tried looking up the number, which I assumed to be the patent number, but could not find any info.)

Among my collection are purse accessories, and these are a new one for me. Except, not exactly new, because when I was a little girl in the late ‘60s/early ‘70s, my grandma gave me a collapsible cup. I remember that it wasn’t embellished or fancy in any way, but my grandma gave it to me, so that made it special. She also gave me a few folding plastic rain hats and squeezy change purses, so maybe those are next in line to be part of the collection!

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