Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stylemark by Mutterperl Red Box Purse

Red Faux Leather Box Purse. 1950s. Maker: Since 1901, Stylemark by Mutterperl, Made in USA. Lovely leather or faux leather (probably faux) classic oblong red box purse. Two straps, unusually-shaped snap closure, decorative-but-subtle white stitching. Lined in red grosgrain or similar fabric. Interior mirror. One pocket. Attached change purse. Four tiny metal feet.

This is a beautiful, well-made bag. When it arrived, I knew it would have some defects, including the fact that it needed to be re-glued on the inside, where there was a separation from the lining and the cardboard portion of the box. However, I soon realized that this was probably from age and that the purse was rarely or perhaps never used.

Here’s a link to Bag Lady University, with a history and photos of Stylemark purses: http://bagladyemporium.com/BLU/index.php?n=Main.StylemarkByMutterperl  

Monday, December 1, 2014

SPECIAL POST! RV Purse Museum News

Hi Vintage Purse People! A huge thank you to everyone who supported our Kickstarter. It didn't fund, but we're determined to complete our Rolling Vintage Purse Museum project. For more info, news, photos and updates, visit RVPurseMuseum.com.

RV Purse Museum - Where the Handbag Meets the Highway

Monday, November 10, 2014

Metal Filigree and Pink Plastic Child-Sized Pamart Box Bag

Metal Filigree and Pink Plastic Child’s Purse. 1950s. Maker: Pamart, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Adorable, tiny (5” wide by 3” high by 3” deep) filigree metal box bag with pink plastic (pretty sure it is not “Lucite,” as it is a thinner plastic) top and handle. Pink plastic rectangle inset at the bottom. Goldtone (now slightly tarnished) hardware.

My first Pamart purse! These are pretty pricey—even the tiny ones—so getting this for a reasonable price was very exciting. Granted, it's got some issues, but these are the type I only use for display and do not carry while I'm out. I save carrying for the heartier ones!

Here’s a link to Bag Lady University, with a brief explanation of Pamart purses, circa 1955: http://bagladyemporium.com/BLU/index.php?n=Main.Pamart

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Three-Way Convertible Lumured Purse(s)

Three-Way Convertible Lumured Purse(s). 1960s. Maker: Lumured. This set consists of two bags; one can be turned inside out for the third bag. One side has the primary colored “candy dot” or “caviar” beads, and the other has pastel colored opaque beads. There’s another bag inside that has white and clear beads (note: the brown part is probably water damage). The white plastic handles unscrew to go on either of the three choices of handbag. Inside the white and clear beaded bag is a heavy cotton lining. Zip closure.

I’ve seen a lot of Lumured bags and have a few more, including one that’s reversible. This one is pretty special in that there are three bags to choose from—a very clever design!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Black Plastic-Rol Clutch Purse by Jolles

Black Plastic-Rol Clutch. 1940s. Maker: Jolles. Made in USA. Large clutch purse constructed with lengths of plastic tubing, cut in half and fastened with thread to a black lining. Zips. Has simple Lucite pull. Inside pocket. Has matching mirror case, but no mirror.

My understanding is that during WWII, factories needed to use materials that were meant for wartime applications, so they made unusual purses out of unconventional materials, such as these plastic roll ones, the coil (“telephone”) cord type and the tile ones that resemble Legos. This style reminds me of house siding. Or licorice. Definitely licorice. Yep, I’m on a diet so everything looks like food.

BONUS PIC! I have one in ivory, too.

Monday, October 20, 2014

SPECIAL POST! Vintage Purse Museum Questionnaire

Southern California Vintage Purse Museum Feasibility Questionnaire

If you would like to participate in a feasibility study as part of my certification in Art Museum and Gallery Studies, please copy and paste these questions and your answers and email them to me. Your answers to the questions below are not only a very important part of my final course in this program, but also extremely helpful in determining if the online-only museum, The Vintage Purse Gallery, can become a brick-and-mortar museum on the west coast. Please fill in as many answers possible and return this questionnaire to me at info@vintagepursegallery.com within two weeks. Thanks very much for your assistance. –Wendy Dager

1.     Are you a collector, dealer, manufacturer or other? If other, please describe.
2.     Where do you live? (City, state.)
3.     On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how important is vintage fashion to you, either personally or in business?
4.     What type of vintage fashion interests you? (Name as many that apply: Clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc. Or, be as specific as you wish: e.g. 1920s mesh purses, midcentury Kelly bags, high-end costume jewelry, Shaheen Hawaiian dresses, etc.)
5.     What are your personal feelings about the establishment of a vintage purse and fashion museum on the west coast?
6.     Who do you think would be interested in going to this type of museum? (Is there a specific demographic—age, gender, socioeconomic status, etc.?)
7.     Is there a specific city, neighborhood or general area you feel would best suit its presence?
8.     Do you think such a museum would be successful in Ventura County?
9.     What sort of amenities do you think this museum should have (e.g. exhibit floor, private party room, museum store, cafĂ©, other?)
10. What is the approximate minimum square footage you believe is necessary for such a museum?
11. What do you think a fair entry price would be? Should it offer senior/children’s/group discounts?
12. Did you know there is a purse museum in Littlerock, Arkansas? Have you visited it?
13. If there were a purse museum in Southern California, how often would you patronize it?
14. If you are a dealer or collector (or other, if applicable), would you be willing to provide temporary exhibits to this museum in exchange for publicity?
15. If this museum were to obtain nonprofit status, would you be interested in serving on its board of directors?
16. Would you be interested in attending or planning special events, such as fundraisers, auctions, fashion shows, or theme parties? (Please make event suggestions here.)
17. Do you know of any potential donors who would provide individual or corporate sponsorship?
18. Do you know of any art/fashion/museum students (or a school that would provide a pool of students) willing to work at such a museum for internship credit?
19. If you have any comments, concerns or ideas, please write them here.