Sunday, December 6, 2015

Vintage Purse Gallery New Info

Hey Vintage Purse People!

While I will still periodically post to this blog, you have new and exciting and viewing options.

First, I want to express how much I appreciate your support of this blog over the years. It's still a dream to own a real brick-and-mortar museum, and we (including my very tolerant and incredibly patient husband) are constantly exploring options.

Meantime, The Vintage Purse Gallery is a FREE online-only museum, and we welcome visitors every day from all over the world. No entrance fee, no crowds!

You can go directly to and click on the menu for our sub-sites, or you can directly visit our sister blog, which showcases our ever-growing purse collection via photos and tags. The blog's URL is

We're also on Facebook at I've met so many great people through Facebook and I welcome your questions and comments.

I am also on Twitter, @VintagePurseGal, although I haven't yet quite gotten the hang of Instagram. I might have to have my five-year-old grandson explain it to me!

Yours in Vintage (literally; see the photo below),

December 4, 2015 at Aubergine Emporium's (Simi Valley, CA) holiday open house. Fashion rundown: shiny silver 1970s clutch purse, ivory Dalton cashmere sweater, ivory pencil skirt, blue and ivory 1960s sequined wool top, and, best of all, a blue rhinestone pin that belonged to my grandma. (For those who are curious, on my leg is a tattoo of the Three Graces on a cameo, but that's a different and totally-worth-the-pain story.)

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