Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SPECIAL POST! 1940s/1950s Kit Purses

Here is an assortment of late 1940s/early 1950s handmade, crocheted kit purses. The first six came to us together, so it’s possible they were made and/or owned by the same person.

Because of a shortage of metal during World War II, manufacturers and individuals (such as stay-at-home crafters) had to find creative uses for other materials, including plastic and rayon, in order to make purses. 

Keep scrolling and you will also see a 1952 Hiawatha Bags kit purse catalog, as well as three more 1940s purses from The Vintage Purse Gallery’s collection.

Lot of purses we were lucky to recently receive here at The Vintage Purse Gallery.

Creme-colored with pastel faux pearls and plastic bottom.

Creme-colored with gold beads. Note the way the handles open.

Silver metallic thread with matching glittery silver plastic handles and bottom.

Black with metallic thread and pastel faux pearls.

Black with orange, gold and white faux pearls.

Red drawstring bag, another popular '40s style.

Three pages from a Hiawatha Bags kit purse catalog. There are a lot of glamor shots of women holding handmade purses.

Very interesting 1940s wire basket purse. I am not sure that the brocade is original to the bag and believe it may have been crocheted at one time, then the brocade fabric added later. Whoever made it did a very professional job.

Beautiful navy rayon box wristlet purse with heavy glass baubles at either end.

Another drawstring bag embellished with dangly goldtone metal circles.

Monday, June 1, 2015

SPECIAL POST! Vintage Purse Gallery Exhibit

A HUGE thank you to The Strathearn Historical Park & Museum for inviting us to exhibit some of our purses at The Tiara Garden Party, a fundraiser for the Simi Valley Historical Society.

Here's how it looked yesterday in the parlor of The Strathearn House.

If you are in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas and would like to speak to Wendy about a purse exhibit or talk, please email