Monday, August 12, 2013

Plasticflex Woven Handbag in Primary Colors

Woven Plastic Handbag in Primary Colors. 1940s. Maker: Plasticflex. Early plastic tote-style purse made entirely from small tiles with strategically-placed holes. The tiles are threaded together with flat plastic cording in yellow, blue, red and green. White plastic handles. Inside zip. Lined in rayon-like faded red fabric. Has the Plasticflex label with apple logo. Cardboard inside the lining at the top and bottom to give it shape.

The apple logo—way before the Apple we all know now—was for the Robert Appel company. These plastic tile purses usually come as clutch style in a variety of colors—ivory seems to be the most popular—without handles, but I do have one other with handles. I’ve added a bonus pic below.