Sunday, August 31, 2014

Suki Box Bag with Asian Motif

Asian Motif Box Bag. 1950s. Maker: Handbags by Suki, Miami, FLA. Gorgeous cream-colored box purse with (yellowish, perhaps with age?) Lucite top that has a painted motif of an Asian woman with a floral covered fan hiding part of her face. Embellished with inset rhinestones. Lucite clasp and handle. Box portion is a molded rope design. Lined in lightly quilted ivory-colored fabric. Four metal feet.

Suki purses are very hard to find, and rather expensive. This one isn’t perfect, but I was so glad to discover it online at a reasonable price.

BONUS PIC! I have a similar one in black.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cache-It Nylon Bra Purse

Cache-It Nylon Bra Purse. 1950s. Maker (Importer): Bandwagon, Inc. Novelty hidden bra purse in its original packaging. Made in Hong Kong of nylon, this bra purse has a self-closing flap.

I love interesting and unusual purses, but this one is special because it reminds me so much of my grandma. She would wrap her money in a hankie and safety-pin it inside her bra. I miss her.

BONUS INFO: I looked up Bandwagon, Inc. of Massachusetts and it’s still in business at the same address!