Monday, April 12, 2010

Today I got a really nice e-mail from vintage aficionado Eileen, who told me she likes my blog. That inspired me to get off my behind and go upstairs to shoot some new photos. I appreciate everyone who visits Vintage Purse a Day. I know you're checking it out from all over the world. That's pretty awesome.

These are all 1950s box-style plastic purses made by the Theresa Bag Co. of Lyndhurst, NJ. I’ve seen these etched and/or embellished Theresa purses go for as much as $150 at high-end boutiques and online malls, but I prefer paying ten bucks for them, especially if they come with a bunch of darling vintage hankies, as that pink one up front did. I always carry a hanky with me. I know that’s rather incongruous, given my appearance, but I don’t care. I love hankies. And I love Theresa Bags. They don’t seem as sturdy as your typical Lucite purse. Almost a thinner plastic, toy-like, as if made for a child. Very delicate and sweet.

By the way, they’re sitting on top of an old printers-type box, which was made into a table. And which needs to be dusted. Geesh. Do I have to do everything around here?




Anonymous said...

These are wonderful!

I love your table too :) Clever idea.

Wendy said...

Hey Fred/Sarah! Thanks! I hope you post some groovy stuff on your blog soon.

As for that table, I used to put old tchochkes and vintage jewelry in it. They got dusty, too!

Bob said...

I purchased a bucket purse at a garage sale years ago. The sequins and embellishments had long since been misplaced. This purse sat on my shelf in it unadorned state ever since. There are no labels or tags that indicate its origin but it does have a zippered pouch on the inside. The front has Paris (Eiffel Tower), Venice (gondola) and London (beef eater). I found your blog and your addiction to vintage purses. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Wendy said...

Hey Bob! I have one, too! You can see it at

It's a '60s General Crafts kit purse, made back then by some thrifty housewife. The prices run the gamut, from a buck to $100, depending on where you live (they usually cost more in metropolitan areas) and who you buy it from (eBay, vintage store seller, etc.).

Hope that helps!