Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hey there vintage purse people! I’m back after a month-long hiatus. Hope your holidays were as fabulous as mine!

Plastic Beaded Purse with Flex Snap Closure. 1960s. Maker: Unknown. Super cool oblong cloth purse covered entirely in tiny white plastic beads. It’s accented by three crystal-enhanced hexagons that run across the diagonal and have pink roses with green leaf pattern underneath. It’s lined and has a "Made in Hong Kong" tag and zippered interior pocket. It's also got a goldtone rope chain and a snazzy flexible closure that snaps shut.

I recently wrote some ad copy (in my other life as a freelance writer) for modern homemade purse kits that have closures made of metal measuring tapes. The new purses snap shut in the same fashion as this old one. You can check them out here. (Note: This is NOT the copy I wrote, but the manufacturer of the purse pattern.)



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