Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Textured Tote Purse with 3-D Poodles

Textured Tote Purse with 3-D Poodles. 1960s. Maker: JR Florida. Textured—feels like a heavy burlap—tote-style purse with a detailed three-dimensional needlework design featuring two fluffy gray poodles with rhinestone eyes and teensy red bead tongues. The needlepoint background includes a streetlight, fence, lawn, and (presumably) tennis balls. The design is framed in fringe. Inner zip pocket. Two plastic faux tortoise handles.

How cute is this? SO CUTE. I have a large number of JR (Julius Resnick) bags, and each one of them is special!


Dina said...

Oh, that's a cute one! I love their little fluffy 3-D bodies :-)

Did you go to the S.M.Vintage Expo last weekend? I saw a few great purses..."Meow" had some plastic coil bags in nice colors, and a tiger-print Morris Moskowitz that I almost bought!

Wendy said...

Didn't make it, which was a bummer. My partner in everything vintage, AKA The Other Wendy, was busy Sunday and I was busy Saturday. Hope to go next time!