Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Whiting & Davis Gold Mesh Purse and Duramesh Gold Mesh Purse Accessories

BONUS! DOUBLE POST! Whiting & Davis Wristlet and Duramesh Purse Accessories. 1940s-1950s. Maker: Whiting & Davis and Duramesh. Gold mesh Whiting & Davis tiny purse with wristlet-style, tightly woven goldtone metal mesh handle. Goldtone purse frame is stamped Whiting & Davis Co. – Made in USA.

Duramesh gold mesh purse accessories set including change purse, billfold, comb and file holder (comb and file still inside!), pillbox, and glasses or cigarette case. Most of the items have the cloth Duramesh - Made in USA label on the inside.

While some people use the manufacturers’ names interchangeably, my understanding is that Whiting & Davis and Duramesh were competitors. I bought this set together, but I don’t think the seller knew they were made by separate companies. I am not certain of the era, as experts seem to disagree, but I am guessing ‘40s or ‘50s. If you have any info on these, please email me at info(at)vintagepursegallery(dot)com and I will post it here.

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