Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quilted Plastic-Covered Soure Bag with Boats and People Scene

Plastic Covered Purse with Boats. 1960s. Maker: Soure Bag New York. Very well-constructed quilted purse featuring a sail boat—or perhaps (somewhat disproportionate) tall ships—scene. The people in it appear to be circa 16th century, but it’s hard to tell. The bag has three sections: two outer pockets that expand in something of an accordion style, and an inner section that clasps shut. There is decorative gold stitching on some of the design, and the whole thing is covered in plastic. Soft, faux leather handles. Gold lame trim. Lined in grosgrain or similar fabric. Inner stretchy pocket. Four goldtone feet.

Bonus pic! I have another one that’s very similar, but without a maker tag. There is, however, a glue spot where the tag used to be. Hmmm…

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