Monday, November 11, 2013

Kitschy Plastic Mesh and Yarn Tote with Owls and Cardinals

Kitschy Handmade Plastic Mesh and Yarn Tote. Looks 1970s, but may be modern. No maker tag. Large, fun handmade tote purse or knitting bag made of plastic squares sewn together with yarn. The squares alternate owls and cardinals. Wrapped wood and goldtone handles. Four dangly goldtone chains are attached to the bottom ends of each handle, presumably for decorative purposes. Lined in green cotton fabric.

I picked this up recently at a thrift store. I was very excited to see it and willing to pay what I thought was a pretty steep $7.99, even though you can see these types of purses for (inexplicably) a lot more online. Perhaps it’s the kitsch factor that makes them so pricey.

And, yes, I got razzed a little by my companions about its grandmotherly appearance. But, hey, I’m a grandma. Maybe a little different than the other grandmas, but I still loved this purse and can’t wait to use it. But not to carry knitting. I can't knit. Or sew. But I do make a mean apple pie.

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