Sunday, August 12, 2007

3-Dimensional Paper Doll Window Box Purse. 1960s. Maker: Unknown. In addition to vintage handbags, I also have a teensy—OK, it’s BIG, but not as huge as my purse collection—assemblage of “ribbon ladies.” These were made in the 1920s-1960s and featured paper dolls that were “dressed” in fabric, and then framed behind glass for display. (Caveat emptor: A lot of reproductions are being made today and sold as old on eBay.) Mine are mostly from the ‘40s or so, but I have one that features a picture from Le Moniteur de la Mode, a 19th century French fashion magazine. The beautiful paper ladies are wearing elaborately-designed cloth dresses, which you can see here in this shadow box, which I've got displayed on a wall in my living room. Well, imagine my excitement when I came across this purse, which features women of the same era. They’re not wearing fabric clothes, but their paper dresses were created in a similar 3-D style. I suspect they’re mid-20th century prints reproduced from another old French fashion magazine, La Mode Illustre, which some clever crafter used to make this delightful box bag in the ‘60s. The ladies are behind a glass window, which is trimmed in green and gold. The avocado green paint on the wooden purse was a popular color choice in the ‘60s and early '70s. I had a dresser that same hideous color. Note: The purse was only put on top of the shadow box for the photo. She's now safely back upstairs in The Pink Room. Although, she's definitely art, don't you think?

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jungle dream pagoda said...

Cool! I would love to see a more upclose pic of both items!

Linda said...

My parent's kitchen was trendy avacado back in the late 60s, the color defines the period. The shadowbox is very pretty and the purse goes with it perfectly!

Wendy said...

JDP: Photos sooo don't do them justice. I love 3-D, but you practically have to be in the same room to see it adequately.

Linda: Avocado green--those were the days! I admit I have gold acrylic grapes in my living room, from the same era. Do you remember those, too?