Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wooden Collins Box Bag with Turtle. 1960s. Maker: Collins of Texas. Brown wooden box with leather handle and painted-on turtle, which is decorated with polished stones. It has the word “Poki” on it—the name of the bag, and, presumably, the turtle—and the Collins of Texas “C”-with-a-horse logo. Like the two previous purse posts, I got this bag at the Long Beach swap meet, where I had a friendly disagreement with the guy selling it. He called it an “Enid Collins,” which it sort of isn’t. This is a later model, made by the Tandy Company, after Enid sold her company to them. Some might consider it a matter of semantics, but, generally speaking, most bags with the "EC" logo—when Enid was still part of the company—are more valuable than the Tandy-made creations. I did some research and saw that the Poki design was made in other colors, using a variety of faux gems and dealybobs. This has double-appeal in that it’s a Collins and is also a turtle collectible. I just happened to think it was adorable.

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