Friday, February 20, 2009

White Basket Bag with Bird Motif. 1950s. Maker: Midas of Miami. White-painted wicker purse with Midas of Miami’s trademark gold rope handles, green velvet facing, gold trim and darling mother bird with baby bird appliqué, slightly padded for a three-dimensional effect. This purse is unusual in design, but also in that it has a second tag inside, which reads: Jane’s Boutique, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Something else that should be noted: while it’s a great purse, the online seller indicated that it was in excellent condition, which it isn’t. There’s some major scarring and dinging of the paint, plus, when it arrived, it smelled of cigarette smoke, which is a HUGE peeve of mine. Sellers, please advertise honestly and, if you can avoid it, don’t smoke around the merchandise.


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