Thursday, March 19, 2009

Plastic Purse with Rhinestones and Coordinating Lucite Heels. 1950s. Maker: Of purse, unknown. Of shoes, Deliso Debs. Fabulous plastic fold-over clutch purse with prong-set rhinestones and silver-tone closure. I purchased them with a pair of vintage size 6.5 Lucite-heeled Deliso Deb peep-toed shoes, which have a Lucite and rhinestone accent at the top. Bonus #1: They came with the original box! Bonus #2: Cost me under $10 for the purse AND the shoes (not including shipping)!



Holly said...

Oh my! I love your blog! I care very little about new purses, but!
You have a great collection. Thanks for sharing it with the world.
I don't have anything of your caliber of vintage purse, but I run an vintage accessory shop on Etsy called She's Fancy

I will be back often--this is so much fun.

Mel said...

Love this set!

Wendy said...

Hey, girls, thanks! The shoes are a teensy bit too narrow, but, with the right dress and right occasion, I think I'd cram my feet in them anyway.