Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gray Lucite Purse with Bead Detail. 1950s. Maker: Llewellyn. Unusual oblong marbelized gunmetal gray Llewellyn Lucite bag, with shiny front detail that looks almost as if it were cut or carved out of the original shape. Likely it was molded to have that flower pot-shaped design, with its raised beads and intricate outer line that looks like marcasite or—if you’ve got an imagination like mine—an open zipper. Sturdy matching clasp, interestingly twisted Lucite handles and exquisite moiré interior.

I just acquired this purse today. I simply had to. Fell in love with it instantly, even though Lucite purses aren’t my “thing.” Meaning, I only have a dozen or so Lucite bags as opposed to perhaps 40 or so of the ‘60s kit purses I generally carry. There was a big sale this weekend at all of the fabulous antique stores in my town, so I have to give them a plug here. If you are ever in or near Simi Valley, California, please patronize Penny Pinchers, Aubergine Emporium, Shop Around the Corner and Fishy Finds. Tell ‘em Wendy sent you!


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