Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sorry to say the navbar at the top of the page doesn't work properly. According to the Blogger forums, this has been a long-term problem and Google is working to correct it. I also installed a search engine (powered by Google) on this blog, but it didn't work either, so I removed it.

If you are looking for a specific purse on Vintage Purse a Day, the best thing to do right now is go to Google and input the name or style of purse along with "vintage purse a day" in quotations. You can also e-mail me at wdager(at)sbcglobal(dot)net.

I'll let you know when Google fixes the problem.

Meanwhile, just for fun, here's an old picture of me wearing a '50s dress that looks as if it were made of vintage curtains (note: DIFFERENT curtains than the one Faith the Mannequin is wearing in my post of June 5, 2010), and holding the Betsy B bag from my post of September 26, 2010. I'm also wearing navy blue '50s wedges I found in PERFECT, unused condition at a Goodwill several years ago. The car in the background is a 2001 PT Cruiser and now belongs to my 18-year-old daughter. Yep, time flies, but vintage is always in fashion.



Andrea Hazard said...

A vintage purse blog- how original! I found your blog through the SPAWN discussion and think it's great.

Wendy said...

Hey Andrea! Thanks for checking it out. I'm going to take a look at your blog, too!