Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wicker Basket Purse with Bird and Plants. 1950s-60s. Maker: Midas of Miami. White-painted wicker oblong box bag with green velveteen front. It features a three-dimensional (tummy stuffed for the effect) painted bird with red rhinestone eye. It is surrounded by felt and glitter-paint marsh-type plants, a few of which are also on the top of the bag. Gold trim on the front, along with the usual gold-braided Midas handles and goldtone hardware. Green satin interior with three pockets, including one that zips.

As regular readers of this blog know, Midas is my all-time favorite purse manufacturer. Here’s another example of a bird-themed Midas of Miami bag. They’re getting harder to collect—not because they’re not easy to find—but because the prices are going up. However, if you find one you like that you’ve never seen before and are afraid you’ll never see again, then my suggestion is to BUY IT. You may end up regretting it if you don’t!



grunge-queen said...

Amazing, and perfect for summer.

Do you know anything about John Hort (made in Canda) purses (circa 1960s)? They were handmade, and I have this obsession with them. Tx, love your blog! K

Wendy said...

Hey, Queen! Thanks for stopping by. I'd never heard of John Hort, but I did some Googlestalking and saw a few examples. Classy stuff... which is probably why I didn't know about him!