Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SPECIAL POST! In my "real" life, I'm a professional freelance writer. Currently, I have a project on the website Kickstarter, which helps to fund creative projects through pledges. My project is the nonfiction book A DISCOURAGING WORD: True tales of rejection, dejection and unnatural selection in the world of writing.

The book will consist of horrifying, yet (hopefully) funny anecdotes about my writing career, including the time I was told by a collectibles book publisher that a contract for my vintage purse book would be forthcoming, but instead I got a rejection letter and the return of my proposal packet. A year later, the publisher came out with a book using my idea (with a slight change to the title) and one of their staff writers. Yep, this really happened!

Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you go to Kickstarter and check out my project, or just click the video below. I think it's pretty funny. Then again, I once won a hoodie in a beer-themed haiku contest...

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