Monday, October 27, 2014

Black Plastic-Rol Clutch Purse by Jolles

Black Plastic-Rol Clutch. 1940s. Maker: Jolles. Made in USA. Large clutch purse constructed with lengths of plastic tubing, cut in half and fastened with thread to a black lining. Zips. Has simple Lucite pull. Inside pocket. Has matching mirror case, but no mirror.

My understanding is that during WWII, factories needed to use materials that were meant for wartime applications, so they made unusual purses out of unconventional materials, such as these plastic roll ones, the coil (“telephone”) cord type and the tile ones that resemble Legos. This style reminds me of house siding. Or licorice. Definitely licorice. Yep, I’m on a diet so everything looks like food.

BONUS PIC! I have one in ivory, too.

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