Thursday, September 20, 2007

Convertible Tapestry Handbag. 1960s. Maker: Unknown. Large upholstery fabric-covered purse with removable cover. Underneath is a solid black bag. Acrylic handle and sturdy goldtone hardware. This thing weighs a ton. It was featured in the video I made when I entered USA Network’s 2006 “Show Us Your Character” contest. I billed myself as a freelance writer and vintage clothing aficionado, and there’s an embarrassing scene in which I struggle to get the cover off the bag. I imagine this display of my ineptitude, along with my mannequin losing her wig, is what helped me to win a first-place prize in the contest.

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sweetheartville said...

Oooh. Now you've intrigued me. Were you on the TEEvee? That's neat.

Wendy said...

Sorta. I made a goofy video and sent it to the USA Network Web site and there was an online contest and I won one of the five first-prize video cameras. The grand prize of a reality Web TV show went to someone much younger, cuter and blonder, but I kind of expected it. I was also a Top Five finalist in Court TV's Search for America's Next Great Crime Writer. You can see more about this stuff at, my resume Web site. I lead a very exciting life for someone who is slowly morphing into a hermit.