Saturday, September 1, 2007

Expanding Leather and Bakelite Purse. 1940s/50s. Maker: Bogan. Beautiful black leather purse, trimmed in a gorgeous brown Bakelite frame, which doubles as an expanding device that reveals three inner compartments. Has a leather strap and a leather closure, which reaches up from the bottom to snap at the top. I’m not sure if I’m getting the maker name right, as it looks as if it says “Bogan,” but the writing is stylized, so it's a bit hard to make out. It’s got a fawn logo, so if you know anything about it, please leave a comment or send an email. The bag was given to me by my husband’s mother, a very stylish woman, born and raised in Switzerland. Have you ever seen a purse this nifty? I don’t use it too often because it’s hard to fit a bulky wallet and cell phone inside the relatively flat compartments, but, when I show it to people, it’s always a surprise. Expand-o-matic!

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sweetheartville said...

That is too fabulous for words!

Wendy said...

This was one of my first vintage purses. My style has evolved into the much whackier, but if I were ever to attempt to be classy, this is the one I'd use.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Okay the fawn logo,I know that one! ...but sadly I am not as quick on the draw(as you) to pull names out of my hat! ...but yes Switzerland!
It is gorg!!!

Monica said...

WOW I have never seen one like this!

Wendy said...

JDP: I'm still trying to find something similar on the Web, but I haven't yet. If you see it anywhere else, let me know!

Monica: It's really well-made, too. I like to just touch the beautiful leather, which may sound creepy to non-collectors, but you know what I mean!

Roxy said...

I have the same purse if anyone is interested.

I've taken a picture of it;

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