Thursday, November 29, 2007

White Acrylic Box Bag. 1950s. Maker: Unknown. White plastic pearlized box-style purse with goldtone hardware and matching acrylic handle. This style reminds me of a tackle box or a sewing kit. It must have belonged to Judy, because there’s a goldtone cursive “J” on top. Maybe Judy liked to fish. Or sew. Or carry a mighty fine purse.

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hensteeth said...

Wendy, I never did get to borrow a digital camera to take a pic of that roadrunner purse. But I thank you for the offer of more info.

I see you're at Anonymous Boxer's holiday blog party, and I wanted to wish you happy holidays from Dallas!

moi said...

No way. I just started collecting vintage bags. Which I need to do like I need to drill a hole in my head. But I have a sparkly embroidered poodle purse I simply must send you a photo of.

Wendy said...

Of COURSE you need vintage bags. They're my favorite fashion item because they always fit no matter how much weight I gain.

Obviously, I haven't posted here in a while, but I'm still collecting. Maybe I should start putting up pics again.

Would LOVE to see your poodle purse. You can email me at