Saturday, July 14, 2007

Collins Jalopy Purse. 1960s/70s. Maker: Collins of Texas. Hobo-style textured tan linen-like bag with black leather accents and painted-on car, with the word “Jalopy” and lots of trademark Collins jewels and flowers. I like this one because it’s so transportable. You can fit your phone, glasses and wallet in it and it’s still smallish; plus it’s got a long strap, unlike the more awkward box bags. Also, it’s adorable. And I like adorable.

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midcenturychic said...

thanks for advising me that the one on my vintage website is missing a few jewels on top on "jalopy" ...FYI the still is still adorably cute and available to purchase for any one eager to own one these rare and authentic Enid style bags.

midcenturychic said...
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