Monday, July 9, 2007

Vintage-Style Modern Wicker Poodle Purse. 2004. Maker: Cappelli Straworld. White-painted wicker poodle purse with button-and-rhinestone eyes, pink-painted nose and faux pearl necklace. Elastic and pearl closure. I was somewhat reluctant to list this one, because it’s not true vintage, but I did show here another reproduction bag, which I picked up at Goodwill. Thing is, Goodwill didn’t advertise it as vintage, but I see a lot of dealers selling Cappelli bags as such. I love wicker figurals and I got this one for twenty bucks at an antique store—not too bad, because I’ve seen the same modern doggie purse for hundreds of dollars at vintage shows, being sold as authentic 1950s. You can tell the difference because of the excellent condition—most oldies show some wear of the wicker, paint and/or stretching of the elastic closure. Also, this one has a necklace as its handle, and many ‘50s/’60s animal shapes have a leash-like ring around their necks for you to transport them. I called Cappelli Straworld in Florida, and the woman who answered the phone was vague about the poodle—at first, she said it was “old,” but when I got her to elaborate, she admitted that it was from “three years ago.” Which isn’t exactly what we collectors consider vintage, so please be aware of this if you are a stickler for the real thing. Still, she’s a fab bag and she’s perfectly at home next to my other, truly vintage wicker dog purse, which you’ll see another day.

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