Tuesday, July 10, 2007

San Francisco Cable Car Kit Purse. Late 1960s. Fabulous JewelTone General Crafts Corp. kit purse featuring a bejeweled red, gold and black #501 cable car with “Powell Mason Sts.” And “Powell and Market – Fisherman’s Wharf” and “Flower Show” signs. There are silhouette people inside the cable car and a streetlight, fence and pagoda roof on the outside. Lots of jewels, faux pearls and trim. I just realized I’m about to lose a piece of the black string “track.” You can see it dangling in the photo. Now, where’d I put that fabric glue?

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sweetheartville said...

I've seen a few purses made from these kits and several of the old ads showing all the designs available, but I've never seen a streetcar before. I like it.

Wendy said...

I was once at a vintage show, carrying this purse, and a woman was selling the same one complete, and another unused, still in the box. I can't remember exactly what she was charging for them, but it was a small fortune. She didn't seem very happy that I had one, too, even though I thought it was cool that there were three in such close proximity. I guess she thought mine devalued the rarity of hers.