Thursday, October 18, 2007

Courtly Gentleman Handbag. 1960s. Maker: Unknown. Mesh fabric bag with a swirled pattern (front side only) of glued-on multicolored seed beads and green velvet leaves, which have green glitter glued to their edges. In the center is a needlepoint courtly gentleman, resembling one of the Three Musketeers (the guys, not the candy bars). There are also some jewels around the gentleman. I have a feeling this is a Caron of Houston purse, but there’s no label. Caron’s labels were generally glued and not sewn, so they do sometimes fall off due to age. Love these "busy" bags!

Note: I’ll be gone to Las Vegas this weekend and am taking my ‘60s gold casino purse with me. I’ll let you know if a high-roller makes me an offer I can’t refuse. For the purse, that is.

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