Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Textured Poodle Tote. 1960s. Maker: Unknown. Large tweed tote purse featuring gold leather handles, base and closure. Tons of sequins, jewels and glitter accent this playful poodle frolicking in a flower garden. I paid $28 (on sale, not including sales tax or the gasoline to schlep to the antique mall) for this purse, which is not in the greatest condition—frayed handles, missing gems, loose sequins, etc. $28 doesn’t sound like much for a cool bag, but I pride myself on paying a lot less to get a lot more. This, however, was just so unique, with its maximum mixed media. I have several poodle bags, but I liked this one because, well, it has so much going on. An excellent purse for someone with a very short attention span. Like, um, me.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

Adorable!!!!,definitely wall art!

Wendy said...

Or arm art!