Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Basket Purse with Paris Motif. Early 1970s. Sewing basket-style wicker bag with hinged wooden lid. Normally I don’t like anything that has to do with cigarettes, but this was created in an era when EVERYONE smoked and when smoking was COOL. The hand-applied figures include a giant cigarette with a plume of smoke, a Parisian young lady (with cleavage), lamppost, Eiffel Tower and stars. There are also some blue splotches under the lamppost, which I assume is representative of water. What’s interesting is that part of the design—the woman and the Eiffel Tower—feel like stickers, with the rest done in ink or paint. What’s even more interesting is that this purse once belonged to a young lady named Wendy (not me), who wrote her name on the inside of the lid. Hence, proving that Wendys have a very eclectic sense of fashion.
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Monica said...

I have a french one too! I will have to take a picture of it

Wendy said...

I'd love to see it!