Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Copper Beaded Evening Bag. 1940s. Maker: K&G Charlet, Paris & New York. Gorgeous purse with a hinged, clamshell-style opening, but made of soft satin fabric covered entirely in sparkling copper beads. Double fabric handles with beadwork on one side of each handle. The beads are set in a swirling pattern on the body of the purse. I believe they are glued and not sewn, but it must be some dang strong glue to have survived this long. I have always wanted a Charlet bag and this sweetie does not disappoint. The work that must have gone into it—someone surely sacrificed her eyesight!
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Monica said...

oooooh baby, i have a couple like this! yes from the 40's! that one is in very nice condition!

Wendy said...

I have a black one, too, but she's not in nearly as good condition. I still love staring at her! (Did I just say that? I'm such a freak.)