Thursday, June 21, 2007

Plastic Handbag With Huldah Needlepoint. Maker unknown. 1960s. Big, bold plastic bag with sparkly gold threads showing through. Goldtone clasp and chain handle. In the center is a needlepoint Huldah lady. She has rhinestone eyes and there are six big faux pearls framing her image, and gold braid around the needlepoint portion. Jeffe Huldah (1901-2000) was an American artist from Dallas known for her 1940s impressionistic renderings of young women, which, today, you usually see as a framed print in a vintage shop or antique store. I have never seen another handbag featuring a Huldah lady. A crafty person may have taken the plain plastic purse and embellished it with the needlepoint. Brilliant!
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jungle dream pagoda said...

I may be crazy but ,I looked at all of your purse and for some reason,this is my fave!
Looks like you like hand-painted Mexican skirts too!

Wendy said...

Hi JDP! You have very good taste.

As for Mexican skirts, yep, I have a few--but I got them a long time ago. Can't afford 'em now!