Sunday, June 17, 2007

White Box Bag with Three-Dimensional Roses. 1960s. Maker: Midas of Miami. White wicker with white seed beads glued on the top and front. The focal point is the 3-D pink velvet roses that are sprinkled with pink seed beads, making them look almost like cake decorations. Green velvet leafy accents and gold braid swirling stems. Handle is intertwined white and gold braid, and the purse is lined in pink satin. This stunning handbag is for the true girly-girl. That would be me. Except for my penchant for Doc Martens. Which would make me a girly-girl with big, ugly shoes. Wanna fight about it?
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Monica said...

oooo, I am into boxier purses

Wendy said...

Boxy purses are fun, except when you have to hang on to them for long periods of time. Then it's nice to have straps!