Sunday, June 3, 2007

Collins of Texas Poodle Bucket Bag. A duo of white-painted poodles on denim fabric with white vinyl trim, amber jewels, elongated white beads (for the flowers), rhinestones and a wooden bottom. Enid Collins was a purse-making genius and all-around artiste who opened her first shop in 1959. She sold her company in the ‘70s to the Tandy Corporation. Her whimsical bags are currently in huge demand by discerning collectors, especially if they’re a rare design and/or in mint condition. This little baby is one of the later Tandy creations, but I’ve never seen it anywhere else. The poodle motif in general is highly desirable among purse aficionados, but to be a poodle AND a Collins bag is downright drool-worthy.
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Monica said...

I have never seen one like this!